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Ride & Run Schedule

Every Sunday:

1. LGBTQz Ride with Pride

23.30 PDT (Sat.)/ 2.30 EDT / 6.30 UTC / 8.30 CEST / 16.30 AEST

2. LGBTQz Ride with Pride

4.30 PDT / 7.30 EDT / 11.30 UTC / 13.30 CEST / 21.30 AEST

3. LGBTQz Ride with Pride

7.30 PDT / 10.30 EDT / 14.30 UTC / 16.30 CEST / 0.30 AEST (Mon.)

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LGBTQz Race Schedule

Every 4th Saturday:

LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows

8.25 PDT / 11.25 EDT / 15.25 UTC / 17.25 CEST / 1.25 AEST (Sun.)

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All times in 24-hour format. For additional club events see the Club-Events section in ZCA

The Club

LGBTQ Zwifters is a virtual cycling and running Club on the indoor cycling and running platform Zwift. In addition to our Club events, we organize the LGBTQz Ride with Pride and LGBTQz Race events as well as the Pride Runs on the official Zwift calendar. We also support Zwift's official June Pride On events. All these events are group events dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.

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Who we are

We are a group of individuals who are members or allies of the LGBTQ+ community and Zwift enthusiasts.

The LGBTQ Zwifters Club has been established by Clare Taylor to form a vibrant LGBTQ+ Community within Zwift - likeminded friends riding and racing together, supporting each other, having fun together.

We are organized in the LGBTQ Zwifters Club in Zwift Companion App and on our LGBTQ Zwifters Server on Discord. You can also find us in LGBTQ+ Zwift Community group on Facebook. Even though not all club members are present on all these platforms, all channels are run by the same group of committed Rainbow Zwifters.

If you want to get to know our Club members a little better, check out the introductions channel in the Welcome section of our Discord server.

LGBTQ Zwifters Club is open to any Zwifter who is a member or supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Your gender and sexual orientation don't matter any more than your fitness level. Membership is free and you remain as anonymous as you want to be on Zwift. So sign up! Just by being a member, you are strengthening the LGBTQ+ community on Zwift.

If you want to join one of our Pride rides, we recommend to read our Pride Ride Guide first.

Club member group picture

Group photo, taken on June 30, 2023

Club History Milestones

LGBTQ Zwifters founded as Club on Zwift. The first Club ride ever was held at 20:00 CET on Watopia Flat route.

Zwift rolled out Club access to all eligible members

Zwift increased Club member limit from 100 to 10,000

Reached 1,000 members

Website “” launched

New Club logo presented

First LGBTQz racing team in Club history (LGBTQz Rainbow Chasers) took part in WTRL Team Time Trial for the first time.

Second LGBTQz racing team in Club history (LGBTQz Rainbow Warriors) took part in WTRL Team Time Trial for the first time.

Reached 2,000 members

First two LGBTQz racing teams in Club history (LGBTQz Rainbow Rockets and LGBTQz Rainbow Spectrum) have been registered for Zwift Racing League.

Reached 3,000 members

First IRL Club Kit and matching accessories are available for purchase from Primal

Supported Zwift with organizing 150 Pride rides (5 each day) during Pride month, most of them were led by Club members and other members of the LGBTQ+ community on Zwift

Club was expanded to include runners

With first LGBTQz Chase the Rainbow the first Club race was held

Reached 4,000 members

Official Pride Runs started with 3 Pride Runs each Sunday

LGBTQz Racing Team reached 100 members on ZwiftPower

The first LGBTQz race event on the official Zwift calendar was held

Refreshed Club Kit and additional Club apparel are available for purchase from Verge Sport Team Store

Supported Zwift with organizing 125 Pride On events (5 each day Mon - Sat) in addition to the usual Sunday Pride rides and runs during Pride month, many of them were led by Club members

Pride Rides have been renamed to "LGBTQz Ride with Pride"; virtual LGBTQz Club Kit is available in Zwift for the first time to be unlocked during a LGBTQz Ride with Pride event

Club Kit

Our LGBTQ Zwifters Club kit is available in-game as an unlock in our LGBTQz Ride with Pride events, but can also be purchased IRL (see link below). This is how our current Club kit looks like:

Club Kit Club Jersey Front Club Jersey Back Club Bibs Club Cave Jersey Front Club Cave Jersey Back Club Bibs Club Vest Club Hoodie Front Club Hoodie Back Club Socks

All Club apparel is available from the international Verge Sport Team Store at
(Password: LGBTQZwifters)

Get in Touch

You can get in touch with us


by becoming a member of LGBTQ Zwifters Club via Zwift Companion App and using the Club chat,


by connecting with us via Discord or


by writing an email to

You can also find us


in the LGBTQ+ Zwift Community group on Facebook and


on ZwiftPower where you can join the LGBTQ Zwifters team.

We are always looking for committed Zwifters to become part of our beacon crew. Whether you can imagine to become a Pride ride leader or you are a strong rider and want to support our rides as a sweeper, we would love to hear from you!

Pride On!

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