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Ride & Run Schedule

Every Sunday:

1. LGBTQz Ride with Pride

23.30 PDT (Sat.)/ 2.30 EDT / 6.30 UTC / 8.30 CEST / 16.30 AEST

2. LGBTQz Ride with Pride

4.30 PDT / 7.30 EDT / 11.30 UTC / 13.30 CEST / 21.30 AEST

3. LGBTQz Ride with Pride

7.30 PDT / 10.30 EDT / 14.30 UTC / 16.30 CEST / 0.30 AEST (Mon.)

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LGBTQz Race Schedule

Every 4th Saturday:

LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows

8.25 PDT / 11.25 EDT / 15.25 UTC / 17.25 CEST / 1.25 AEST (Sun.)

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All times in 24-hour format. For additional club events see the Club-Events section in ZCA



Zwift Resources

Zwift's website: download the latest software version, browse the shop, maintain your account, watch your feed, etc.

Problems with Zwift? Check here if all systems are operational.

Stay connected when you're on the go. Pair it with your computer over the same Wifi network and use it as a Zwift game controller when you're riding. Stay connected with LGBTQ Zwifters Club.

Zwift's Forum: get support and latest news

Best database to search for upcoming events on Zwift

Zwift's own limited overview of upcoming events on Zwift, sign up for our Pride rides here

Everything there is to know about Zwift

Provided by Handy if you're looking for a specific route or don't know which route to take next.

Provided by A dictionary with some Zwift terminology you should know.

Zwift's racing database, watch your race results here

Alternative database with race results and rankings of racers and teams

Calculate how long it will take you to complete a given route on Zwift based on average watts, weight, and other data. No need to sign in! Just scroll down, choose your route and click "view". Then set your values to calculate the time needed for the route.

Calculate which combination of bike frame and wheelset is best for a given Zwift route by taking your Zwift level and your amount of drops into account.

Build your own routes in Watopia, Makuri Islands or France and let RoadCaptain handle the navigation for you.

Analyze your Zwift logfiles. Very handy if you experience issues with Zwift.

Best database to search for specific workouts on Zwift.

Get details of the routes on Zwift and keep track of the badges you got.

Find out how to manage an eRacing Team on Zwift, how to guide a TTT team as directeur sportif (DS) during a race, etc.

Music for your Pride ride

The unofficial Pride ride music Spotify playlist curated by club member Fran Bambust. All the good stuff!

Spotify playlist with Dance/Pop tracks that will help to keep your pace steady and your motivation high, curated by club member Tom.

If you have suggestions for other playlists suitable for a Pride ride, tell us via email to:

Meet the People

Read the story of Club member Jennifer Hillerberg.

See how Zwift introduces LGBTQ Zwifters during Pride month 2023:
LGBTQ+ Zwifters: Be Yourself, Together

Read an article by Charlie Allenby about How Zwift is creating an online community for cyclists by using LGBTQ Zwifters as an example, among others (advertisement feature with Zwift).

See what Clare, Fran, Greg and Hanna had to say about Watopias's Pride Lifeguard Tower

Meet the Pride On Ride leaders of 2021

Read an Interview with Fran Bambust

Pride On!

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