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Ride & Run Schedule

Every Sunday:

1. Pride Ride

23.30 PDT (Sat.)/ 2.30 EDT / 6.30 UTC / 8.30 CEST / 16.30 AEST

2. Pride Ride

4.30 PDT / 7.30 EDT / 11.30 UTC / 13.30 CEST / 21.30 AEST

3. Pride Ride

7.30 PDT / 10.30 EDT / 14.30 UTC / 16.30 CEST / 0.30 AEST (Mon.)

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LGBTQz Race Schedule

Every 4th Saturday:

LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows

8.25 PDT / 11.25 EDT / 15.25 UTC / 17.25 CEST / 1.25 AEST (Sun.)

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All times in 24-hour format. For additional club events see the Club-Events section in ZCA

Pride Ride History

Starting in June 2019 Zwift annually released a special Pride kit which at first could have been earned only by participating in a designated Pride ride during the Pride month. The 2019 kit consisted only of a jersey-bib-combination. Since 2020, the kits each came with matching socks.

Since July 2021 there were Pride rides throughout the year, in which the then current Pride kit could also be unlocked.

Fun Fact

In May 2022 Zwift made a special object in Watopia, dedicated to the LGBTQ+ Community, permanent - the Pride Lifeguard Tower. The tower had been visible during Pride months before but is now part of Watopia throughout the year. It is located at the beach near start and finish line in Downtown Watopia. Look out for it!

A peak in the Pride rides was reached in June 2022, when four Pride rides a day were held throughout Pride month. According to Zwift, 19,765 Pride ride participants rode 168,882 km and ran 2,822 km during that month. A total of 190,056 Pride Ons have been given. 33 Zwifters, many of them members of today's LGBTQ Zwifters Club, were active as leaders or sweepers in the 120 Pride rides. It was hard to imagine that these figures can be topped in future. But then came June 2023.

In June 2023, even five Pride On rides a day were held, 150 Pride On rides in total during that special month. 37 community members supported these rides as leaders or sweepers.

Since July 2022 there are regular Pride rides each Sunday. Since February 2024 there are also regular Pride runs each Sunday.

This is what the Pride kits look like that have been available so far:

Pride 2019 Kit

Pride 2019 Kit

Pride 2020 Kit

Pride 2020 Kit

Pride 2021 Kit

Pride 2021 Kit

Pride 2022 Kit

Pride 2022 Kit

Pride 2023 Kit

Pride 2023 Kit

Zwift not only designed a new kit every year. In addition, for the Pride Rides, the Ride On thumbs were replaced by Pride On thumbs. The design of the thumbs has also been redesigned every year from 2019 to 2022. In 2023 the same design as in 2022 has been used.

This is how all the Pride On thumbs look like:


Pride On thumb 2019


Pride On thumb 2020


Pride On thumb 2021


Pride On thumb 2022

Thank you so much Zwift for supporting the LGBTQ+ Community with so much effort und commitment every year!

Pride On!

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