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Ride & Run Schedule

Every Sunday:

1. Pride Run

1.00 PDT / 4.00 EDT / 8.00 UTC / 10.00 CEST / 18.00 AEST

2. Pride Run

6.00 PDT / 9.00 EDT / 13.00 UTC / 15.00 CEST / 23.00 AEST

3. Pride Run

9.00 PDT / 12.00 EDT / 16.00 UTC / 18.00 CEST / 2.00 AEST (Mon.)

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LGBTQz Race Schedule

Every 4th Saturday:

LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows

8.25 PDT / 11.25 EDT / 15.25 UTC / 17.25 CEST / 1.25 AEST (Sun.)

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All times in 24-hour format. For additional club events see the Club-Events section in ZCA

Racing with us on Zwift


Most Club members are completely happy using Zwift for freeriding, workouts or group rides. Many Club members also race on Zwift, but are committed to other teams as LGBTQz. But of course you can also race with LGBTQ Zwifters and we would like to encourage you to do so. Being present as a LGBTQz team member in races is a good way to represent the LGBTQ+ community on Zwift!

Even when it comes to racing our goal is to be inclusive for everyone and just to have fun. No matter what racing category Zwift puts you in or what your fitness level, everyone is welcome!

Here is an overview of what you should know about racing with us on Zwift:

BikeBike BikeBikeBike

LGBTQ Zwifters on ZwiftPower

If you prefer to race on your own, that's perfectly fine, of course. However, while you're doing that, you can already support LGBTQ Zwifters as a team. You just need to join LGBTQ Zwifters as your primary team on ZwiftPower.

ZwiftPower is Zwift’s database for race results and riders and team rankings. If you race on Zwift you should register with ZwiftPower anyway to keep track of your race results. To find out why and how to sign up please read this:

On ZwiftPower you can join LGBTQ Zwifters team. You can find detailed instructions how to do so here. But why should you join us?

If you join LGBTQ Zwifters on ZwiftPower you can contribute to our team ranking scores. To calculate team rankings, ZwiftPower chooses the three highest-ranked team members for each category then averages their ranking score to create an overall team score. Teams are ranked on this overall score. This also happens for each category individually and separately for women and men. You can check out the current team rankings here:

At present, we do not have enough team members with an individual ranking score and registered with LGBTQ Zwifters as their primary team on ZwiftPower to have team ranking scores in each category. We would like to change that. So come and join us!

LGBTQz race events

LGBTQ Zwifters is hosting a regular race event on the official Zwift calendar - LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows. This event takes place every four weeks on Saturdays.

LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows is a special chase race format. Racers will join other riders in their pace category. Categories will leave the pen with a time delay between them. D cat will leave first, followed by C cat, B cat and finally A cat. Racers of each group are encouraged to work together to chase the rainbows in front, or keep the chasing rainbows at bay. Zwift categories will be enforced. Racers can therefore only compete in the category assigned to them by Zwift or a higher category.

LGBTQz Chase the Rainbows is the perfect race format for beginners. Just sign up and join the fun!

You can learn more about chase races on Zwift here:

How to join a race

Many races are open for everyone on Zwift. These races can be joined like any group ride on Zwift.

①  Search the race you want to join on Zwift's events page.

②  Sign up by clicking the add button (orange button with a white cross) provided for your racing category (A, B, C, D or E). If category enforcement is in place for the race, you won't be able to sign up for a category lower than the category Zwift calculates for you from your riding activities during the last 60 days. Blocked categories are marked with an exclamation mark in a triangle.

③  On the scheduled date of the selected race start Zwift at least a few minutes before the race start time. If the start time is close enough you will see the race as a ride option in the events section of your Home Screen.

④  If you have chosen to do a warm up ride first, Zwift will start showing a countdown and Join Event button 30 min before the race start time. You can switch to the start pen of the race anytime now by tapping the button.

⑤  Don't miss the start time. There is no late join option for races!

If you want to join certain races as a member of one of our teams, additional rules may apply and you may have to meet additional requirements.

Team Time Trials

If you would like to become part of a group of Club members who race together as a team, you can join one of our TTT teams.

Good to know

A Team Time Trial (TTT) is a road bicycle race in which teams of cyclists race against the clock. The goal for each team is to ride a given route together in the shortest possible time. Each team rides in formation, with the riders switching from front to back in a constant rhythm, so that each rider regularly takes the energy-sapping top position for a certain amount of time before switching back to benefit from the draft of the teammates again.

At present, we have two teams taking part in WTRL TTT races. We have one team that races at times suitable for European Zwifters and one team that races at times suitable for American Zwifter. We would be happy to also establish an additional team for Asian and Australian Club members.

TTT races are every Thursday and each team needs to start with a minimum of three riders and maximum of eight. A great thing about TTT is the fact that riders from every category (A/B/C/D) can ride together as one team. Your can find detailed information and rules here:

Our teams are communicating via private text and voice channels on Discord to plan the races und to communicate during the races. It is therefore necessary that you also connect with us on Discord. To do so, follow this Link.

In order to race with one of our teams you also need to do the following:

①  Register with ZwiftPower.

②  Join LGBTQ Zwifters team on ZwiftPower.

③  Register on WTRL (you'll need to login to access the race pass).

④  Fill out the team sign up spreadsheet, which you can find on our Discord server.

⑤  Have the current Pride kit, which is used as the team kit. If you don't have it, you will need to complete a Pride ride to unlock the kit.

⑥  Put "(LGBTQz)" after your Zwift name (optional).

But at first you should get in touch with our team captains on Discord to find the right place for you!

Zwift Racing League

We also have teams racing in WTRL Zwift Racing League (ZRL), one team racing in European timezones and one racing in American timezones.

In order to race with one of our teams you need to do the following:

①  Register with ZwiftPower.

②  Join LGBTQ Zwifters team on ZwiftPower.

③  Ensure you have a ZwiftPower category by taking part in a minimum of 2x Zwift race events with a duration of at least 30 minutes each prior to Race 1.

④  Register on WTRL.

⑤  Fill out the ZRL sign up spreadsheet, which you can find on our Discord server.

⑥  Have a smart trainer/smart bike and an operational heart rate monitor (HRM), which is required for ZRL racing.

⑦  Have the current Pride kit, which is used as the team kit. If you don't have it, you will need to complete a Pride ride to unlock the kit.

⑧  Read the ZRL rule book!

⑨  Put "(LGBTQz)" after your Zwift name.

But at first you should get in touch with our team members on Discord to find the right place for you!

Other Racing Series

There are plenty of other races and race series on Zwift. Our Club members who are interested in racing are always looking for fellow team members to race together. Join us on Discord to get in touch and find fellow racers!

Racing as a transgender or non-binary athlete

Of course, every rider should be allowed to race on Zwift as their true self, and fortunately Zwift is committed to being open and inclusive to all types of riders. Therefore, every rider is allowed to race unter the gender they self-identify as - with some limitations.

Non-binary athletes will have to deal with the fact, that Zwift only allows you to choose between male and female as your gender. Therefore, you are required to choose from these two options the one that suits you best.

If you join a racing series like Zwift Racing League, WTRL allows you to use the gender entered in your Zwift Profile to determine your racing gender independent of sex assigned at birth.

Zwift and WTRL do not discern if your sex assigned at birth is different than the gender you identify as on Zwift. If you race in category B, C or D the ZwiftPower system ensures fairness as governed by the categorization system. If you ride above the WPK limits set by your chosen category you will simply be disqualified and/or moved up to next level.

If you are strong enough to ride at the top in category A, the process is more nuanced. If Zwift or WTRL discovers a category A athlete who identifies as female in the game but their power profile far exceeds the cis females in the same category then Zwift or WTRL might reach out to the athlete and try to resolve the issue. How this issue will be resolved is unclear at this time, as there is no known precedent. It is hoped that Zwift and WTRL will follow the UCI's science-based regulations that were in effect from July 1, 2022, until July 16, 2023, and not completely exclude female transgender athletes who transitioned after male puberty from competing in women's categories without just cause, as the UCI currently does.

According to all of this, there should be no problems with Zwift for transgender or non-binary athletes if they choose the gender they identify most with in the game. However, transgender women who are racing at the top might face issues which will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If you race as a transgender or non-binary athlete and are having trouble with Zwift or WTRL, contact us! We will support you if necessary.

Pride On!

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